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 How... can't believe how long it's been since I've posted.  

Had a few things here and there happen, but I just didn't feel like sitting and writing it down.  Well, I guess the big thing is my manager is coming back to work soon, so I'll be going back to four days.  Been thinking a lot lately that it's time to try and find a new job, that or go back to school.  I am just REALLY freaking bored at work these days.  I feel like I'm stagnating (and not just cause I haven't showered a in over a week.)

Anyway, went over to mom's for Easter, that was pretty fun, bugged me though that she hadn't invited Andy (my stepbro) and his wife and kids over (she hadn't invited my stepsister either, but considering she hasn't come to any of our family get-togethers for the past two years or so, that doesn't surprise).  

If you watched the news, you know it's been raining throughout a good chunk of the country for the past several days, and Southern Illinois and Southeast Missouri is no exception.  The weather to and from was TERRIBLE, the rain kept alternating from light drizzle, to "fat" drops, to torrential downpour.  Luckily, I made it there and back safely.
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So, I'm at the hotel. Pat was here today instead of Charli. Charli (yes, that's "Charli" with no "e" and yes, she's female) had called in sick earlier, so Pat had to come in. Feel sorry for her, she did a 3 to 11 shift and then she comes right back to do a 7 to 3:30 shift. Weird that Charli's sick, guess something's going around. I mean, I was sick for a while, then Stef was sick (course, I think she caught something from her husband) now, Charli's sick. You can't blame me for that one though, her symptoms don't match what I had. 

Handy tip: I have no hard date to confirm this, but, just a guess based on my personal experience, the number one item left at hotels? I'd say hands down, phone chargers. We've got about fifteen of them in the lost and found. For some reason they loaned out one to one of the guests. I'm told she was rather "odd" and not the most pleasant of people. Pat made it clear we'd need her to return it in the morning and she was all, "Oh, well, why don't I guess pay you for it?" And Pat told her we had to keep them for so long in case the original owner calls and wants to reclaim them. She asked me to include a note with her receipt to remind me to please return the charger in the morning. 

I'd be willing to bet money she's going to walk off with it.

Ah, well...

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So, I've been sick the last couple of days, like gosh, six or so?  Can't remember...  I'm still not 100 percent over my cold, but I do feel better.  I'm still a bit on the congested side, and my head feels alternately warm and dizzy.  Hopefully it'll clear up soon. 
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Okay, here's the situation.
My parents went away for a week's vacation. 

Ha, just kidding. 

Seriously though, I'm at work, and I'm just getting some paperwork ready to do. There's a fellow over in the business center, using a computer, and I'm pretty sure he's looking at porn. Why do I suspect this, you ask? Well, for starters, he's got the monitor turned at an angle facing away from the front desk (always a good sign) and my co-worker, when she came back in from starting her jeep, said, "I saw 'XXX Facebook' on top of the webpage that he was on."

Oh, boy.  

Pretty sure that's against a rule or to. Actually, this guy was down here on the center two nights ago as well, but I didn't really pay attention to what he was doing because I was busy doing all these training modules on a new computer we've got set up (we'll be switching systems soon, but more on that later.) But anywho.. porn guy. Last time he was on the computer till about 3am in the morning. Actually, it was kind of creepy (and not because I thought he was looking at porn or anything) it's just I'm used to being down here alone all night and to have some stranger in the room right next to the front desk was a bit unnerving.  

I know what I should do. I SHOULD go right over there, see what he's doing, and, if he's in fact viewing porn, I should kick him right out of the business center.  

That's what I should do.

 But, for various reasons, I've never been good at confronting people.  

So, what I'll probably do is wait for a bit. It's getting near midnight. When it hits twelve, I'll give him some story about management getting onto me for leaving the computer room open real late and tell him he's got twenty minutes to wrap it up. 

 Or maybe just ten. 

It's not a complete lie, as I know management wouldn't like a guest being in the business center that late. 

God, I'm pathetic.  

I know, I know, I've talked about this before; it's just, I'm one of those, "Don't make waves" types. I mean, I get pushed too far I'll snap back (I hope) but in general? I was raised in a house with a mother who would constantly yell about any and everything. She couldn't do affection or praise very well (at least, not verbally) but yelling, yeah, that was good. My older sister would usually yell back, leading to more shouting matches.  

Mom was especially unfair to my stepbro and stepsis, and I'd always try to mediate in my own way. I really grew to hate the way she treated them, never really had the courage to stand up to her directly, except for maybe a sarcastic barb here and there. All that combined with my general isolation and loneliness at school has left an overly sensitive, eager-to-please husk of a man.  

Sad, huh?  

Anyway, told the guy he had ten more minutes, he told me he didn't need that long, was getting ready to go soon anyway, so that's one problem down.

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I auditioned for a play!

Thursday night I went over to Southern Illinois University and I audition for a part in the upcoming productions of MacBeth. 

Part of me still can't believe I did it. 

I mean, I've always had an interest in drama and theater, but other than acting in a play in high school and doing some skits in a youth group I was with years ago, I'd never really had the change to try my hand at acting.  I read about this online and I said, "You know, you should try out for something!" 

I drove over to the campus on Thursday night, I had left early to give myself plenty of time to get there (not just to show up early but it had been snowing that day,, so I wanted to be extra careful on the road.).  I made it to campus okay, but once again, I got lost due to a combination of going a slightly different (but I figured shorter) route than I usually do and the fact it was night. 

As I've said before, night changes things.  Areas that are pretty familiar can radically different with all the lights out.  I ended up PASSING by the theater where the auditions were being held and when I decided to turn around, I got stuck in an iced over parking lot.  Luckily, three generous Samaritans happened to be passing by and helped me push my car enough to get back on my destination. 

Anyway, I got to the building, wasn't sure which entrance was the closest (ending up picking the longest route to where I wanted to be, oh course), and managed to get to the sign up table around 7 o'clock.  (The auditions started at 6:30.)  After filling out some info, young lady at the table lead me to theater's side entrance, and entreated me to go in and have a seat. 

The theater ceiling and walls were painted black, a sharp contrast to the orange, yellow, and red seats.  Near the front stage, the front rows had about twenty-five or so of my fellow auditioners, most of whom seemed to be college students (of course.)  As I walked in and sat down, a guy was on stage (not sure, but I think his name, ironically enough was Art) and he was doing the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet, with him playing the part of Juliet.  Then he said, "And now I'm going to do the Tri-Lambda song from the original Revenge of the Nerds."  And he freaking song the song that the Nerds do in the talent show.

I was like, "Whoa... that's just funny/awesome."  

From there, I sat, watching a variety of people getting up and doing their bits.  For our auditions, I was told we were supposed to prepare two monologues, one minute from a dramatic play, and one minute from something in verse.  Now, I had my dramatic monologue pretty much down (so I thought) but I hadn't really had a poem ready.  So, hear I am trying to mentally rehearse my acts while other people are talking from the stage.  I wasn't the best of listeners at times, but I'm willing to bet everyone was at least a little bit preoccupied with their own upcoming performance.  

Well, after a bit, my name got called up.  Amazingly, I wasn't as nervous as I thought I'd be.  My heart wasn't even thumping crazily or anything.  I got on the stage, introduced myself, and said I was going to be doing a bit from the play "The Unwanted" by Walter Wylkes (still not sure I pronounced the guy's last name right, should have looked it up.) 

Before starting, I said, "Since my scene takes place with the characters sitting on a couch, I am going to sit down as I do this."  And then I sat on the edge of the stage.  (There were chairs off to the side, I guess I could have grabbed one of those, but, you know, I just thought it best to get right to the scene.  For the most part I think I do okay on the first run.  I think maybe I should have faced the other direction while I was talking (most of the audience was on my left, and I faced right, as though I was talking to another person on the couch, but I made sure my voice carried enough.)  And I left a few bits out when it came to the lines but, I think the overall spirit of the piece came through okay.

Well, that was the first part.  After I was done, I thanked everyone, got off stage, and there were  a few people after me.  As I walked back to my seat, I even got a "fist bump" and a "Good job!" from the RotN Guy.  Then the director said we were going to have a ten minute break and then we would come back for our second audition. 

I went outside and chatted for a bit and then we all marched back in.

This time the director told us he wanted us to have fun with the parts we're doing, and that he'd be mixing things up a bit, not just having us do our monologues but maybe even interpreting them in different ways.  Maybe with singing and dancing to determine our range and whatnot.

So, even came back up one at a time, and they'd give a line or two from their previous monologues, and he stop them after a bit and say something like, "Okay, do this like you're a salesman, trying to get us to buy something."  Or (to a female performer), "Okay, now you're an evil seductress.." etc.  Then he'd occasionally have some of us sing a song, any song.  There was a lot of really talent in the room, good singers, and some great actors, but, crazily enough, I didn't feel too intimidated by it (well, maybe a little), but I mainly just keep reminding myself I was there to outperform anyone, just to do my best and see what happens. 

Then it was my turn.

Now, I have to admit, I think I got a pair not so great scenarios.  First I had to redo my lines as though I was Speaker of the House, so I did with a serious, but somewhat biting tint.  Then he asked me to do my lines as though I was the President, so I delieberately kept shifting my gaze straight ahead, as though reading a teleprompter, and tried to keep my gestures from being to elaborate.  I don't know, didn't really see how could I "do" too much with those roles, in hindsight, yeah, I could come up with several different possibilities, but under the gun? 

Then he asked me to sing. 

I took a second, earlier I had been considering this possibility and had been going through the list of all the songs in my head that I might try, and had seriously considering doing the song "Skeletons In My Closet" from The 7th Guest, but at that moment, another song jumped in my brain, so I decided to run with it.

And so I song the opening lyric to "Hemorrhage In My Hands" by Fuel 

Believe it or not, I've actually this song several times on my own in the car, but I think I had an easier time out of it WITHOUT the singer, because I didn't have to sing the "falllllllllllllllll" as long as the guy does in the song, making it easier for me to catch a breath between lines. 

Then the director asked me to sing a rock song and dance to it.  So, I started in with "Sweet Child O' Mine" by Guns and Roses, doing various gestures and steps to accompany the lyrics. 

I got to, "I'd probably break down and cry," when the director said, "Okay, don't cry just yet, please.  Alright, thank you!" 

And then I was done.

I should know sometime early next week if I've gotten any parts or not.  They said that for one of the productions they'll probably need just about everyone, even just as extras.  Anyway, I'm not really after a huge part, but I DO want to be involved, even if it's just helping out behind the scenes. 

Gosh, I'm still kind of amazing I actually went through this.  As withdrawn and isolated as I've been socially over the past several years because of my job and other circumstance, this is a real breakthrough for me.  Just typing about is giving me a bit of an emotional high. 

And on a sidenote, Holy, crap, there were a lot of lovely looking young ladies in the group.  Hoping to get to know a few of them as well.  :) 
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Oh, that's where it is!

Funny thing... I remember a few days back I went to the freezer thinking I had bought some ice cream recently and there was none there. I thought, "Hmm... well, maybe I'm just getting the weeks mixed up." Cause, sometimes I buy and other times I'm going through, "Dammit, I need to cut back on this type of crap" phase and don't buy it.

Well, I was getting the groceries out of my car this morning and I saw a plastic Kroger's bag and guess what? Turns out I DID buy ice cream after all... back a few days before Christmas. And I guess the bag had fallen off some container or other and the ice cream box was flipped upside down. And even though it's been rather cold of late, it has NOT been cold enough to keep ice cream from MELTING. So, there was a nice little river of what looked like chocolate milk in truck of my car.

I took this in for a few seconds and then... I just burst out laughing. Something about the whole situation was just hysterical to me. I'm sure the other ladies in the parking lot that morning thought I was crazy as I kept on laughing for several minutes.

Anyway, lesson here is: ALWAYS check you trunk to make sure you get ALL your bags of groceries out.
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 So, I had to work last night.  I was supposed to be off, but my co-worker was sick.  She thought it was the flu, but we think now it was actually food poisoning since both her, her daughter, and her roommate all got sick at the same time AND they all ate at the same place.  (Believe it was Denny's which, strangely enough, doesn't surprise me much.)

I hope for their sake their bout with food poisoning wasn't as bad as the one I had a few months back.  Oh, man!  That was horrible!  I could tell you all kinds of gross details, but I think I'll spare ya.

Well... let's see.  Got home, tried to do some laundry, the damn machine downstairs swallowed $1.50 in quarters and then didn't do anything.  AHHH!  Then abruptly I was just real tired and kind of cranky after I went around putting my cloths in the other machines in my apartment building.  Guess the whole, "Well, am I going to have to work TONIGHT as well or not?" thing was bugging me.  But, my co-worker said she's feeling better, so I'm OFF tonight.

And now I can't sleep.  Isn't that hilarious?  I feel REAL tired when I came home and throughout the morning, and while waiting for my clothes to finish, but now, I finally get the news I don't have to work, I go to lay down... and just lay there.  

Oh, body, you're such a kidder you!  
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My brother in law

NOTE: I actually posted this elsewhere several days ago, I thought I'd post it here for posterity. 

To recap: I've got four siblings, two blood, two step. All of them are married and, with the except of my step sister, all have kids. I've come to realization that if it wasn't for the kids, I probably wouldn't hang around my siblings too much. I mean, don't me wrong, they're okay company, I just don't have too much in common with them. (I'm the only nerdy, creative weird humored one in the family.)

Anyway, I'm going to focus on my sister's husband, whom I'll call Mark. I really don't care much for Mark. My mother just adores him, but she's always placed more value on how "practical" a man is rather than such things as social politeness, being able to show affection, and so on. And in fairness, he's a pretty handy fellow. He used to drive a tow truck, is a pretty good mechanic, knows a lot about fixing various things, and, I think he even jumped up several levels in my mom's eyes when, after she moved into her new house (my parents just divorced a few months) he spent several days helping to clean, pull out and lay down new carpet, tile and vinyl.

Downside is, Mark is, rather bluntly, a bit of jerk. He's a racist (although he'll deny this, explaining, "No, no, you've got good nwords and you've got bad nwords." His sense of humor is often sarcastic and cruel, and he was often a bit of a bully to my oldest niece Kelly (his stepdaughter, my sister had Kelly with her first boyfriend.) Granted, Kelly wasn't the most well behaved or mature girl growing up, but I can't help but wonder how much of that is simply being born to a high school girl, bouncing around between two households, and having an authoritarian jerk for a stepdad.

Course, mom never saw it that way. She believed Mark has trying to bring discipline and order into Kelly's life and all the conflicts were simply a "step family" situation. (Course, I could write a whole BOOK about how I don't think my mom is the best person to judge parenting skills, but that's another subject.)

Anyway, we had a family get together for Christmas, the first "post divorce" one. Other than a few awkward moments like when mom proposed a toast to everyone and started to sob slightly as she told us how much she values us, it went off pretty well. I got to see my nieces and nephews again, including the youngest whom I hadn't seen since last April or so.

At one point I'm having a conversation with my sister in law (well, technically, step sister in law but who cares, really?) When I asked her if she was one Facebook. She said she was but didn't check it too often, only about once every two weeks. She said she was really busy, so she didn't get on there too much. Then Mark, who, heretofore was not even a part of this conversation comes in and says, "Only people with no lives have Facebook."

And I'm like, the hell? How do I respond to that?

So, I made a little barb back, "That or people who don't know how to use a computer."

And he's like, "Oh, yeah, I only work at a computer on my job."

I could have said more, but I didn't want to continue the conversation and he went off to annoying someone else I guess.

I don't know, what compels people to be jerks like that and interject stuff like that into someone's else conversation? (I mean, I know why people on the internet do it, but in real life?